Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here
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Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here

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Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here

Why Knowing The Weight Is Important In Tow Services

Kylie Torres

Finding yourself in need of a tow is frustrating enough. However, it is worse when you find out after calling for help that the company cannot assist you due to the weight of your vehicle. It is wise to know what your vehicle requires and have a company to call prior to encountering a situation where a tow is necessary. 

Differences Between Light and Heavy Towing

Most conventional tow trucks are classified as light-duty and can handle standard cars or small trucks. They are either flatbed or use a lift to transfer a vehicle. These trucks come with minimal equipment allowing them to have reduced costs. However, heavy-duty trucks or "commercial vehicles" require more complex equipment to handle their massive weight. The horsepower and torque on heavy-duty tow trucks are higher, increasing the demand for licensing and insurance.

When Selecting a Tow Company

When you select a tow company to transport your heavy-duty vehicle, the company's reputation and experience are factors to consider. The cost will vary from company to company but depends on the weight of your truck, the time a tow is needed, and the travel distance required. While these will affect each tow, finding a reputable company that can handle your needs is paramount.

  • Ask what their limits are. Make sure they have the proper equipment to handle your vehicle.
  • Make sure their equipment is certified, their drivers are experienced, and everything is licensed.
  • Get multiple estimates. Do not select the first company you research, always contact several companies for cost information.
  • In addition to looking at their reputation, ask for people who have used their services in the past.

Preparing Your Vehicle

One important thing to remember with any tow is preparation. These simple steps help ensure your belongings and the vehicle remain secure during transportation, regardless of the weight.

Remove important items. Anything in your vehicle that has value should be removed before towing. Commercial vehicles often contain licenses and certifications, as well as necessary tools. Many tow companies are not responsible for lost or damaged items in transport, so protect your investments.

Transporting any vehicle exposes it to the same debris that occurs during driving. Closing your windows and locking all boxes prevents this and discourages theft.

Before your vehicle is towed, take pictures of the inside and exterior. While most companies will ensure safe transportation, it is always wise to have evidence if something goes wrong.

Emergency brakes will be damaged during the loading process if not disengaged. Tow companies are supposed to check before starting the load, but it is wise to do this before their arrival.

Contact a local large vehicle towing company to learn more.