Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here
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Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here

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Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here

4 Common Risks That Hiring Towing Services Helps You Prevent

Kylie Torres

No one is safe from unforeseen vehicle breakdowns, accidents, or punctures. You could find yourself in the middle of nowhere, stranded with a car that won't move. Before asking another road user to help you tow your vehicle and risk damaging it, you might want to learn about the possible mistakes you might make when towing vehicles. The following are common mistakes you can avoid by hiring professional towing services.

1. Overestimating Speeds

When towing, the speed could be your worst enemy, especially when going up or down a hill. You'll also need to gauge the weight of your vehicle versus the tow truck. Towing professionals understand the right towing procedures and the appropriate speed limits. That is why they ask about the size of your vehicle before coming to the rescue.

Speeding when towing could cause the trailer to flip and skid, causing severe accidents. It also needs an expert's handling to ensure proper maneuvers at specific speeds. High speed may also damage transmissions since the vehicle struggles to drag the automobile when accelerating. Therefore, it is best to leave towing services to the experts.

2. Uneven Weight Distribution

You'll need to fasten weight-distributing bars and chains to the tow truck when towing your vehicle. Contrary to common belief, huge bars don't always mean they are better. You'll want to use the correct bars that evenly distribute the weight and make it easier for the truck to drag your vehicle.

Uneven weight distribution can cause difficulties and danger with steering, making driving unsafe. Consider hiring towing services for easier access to numerous bars and chains. The experts are more knowledgeable on choosing what bar weight works best for your vehicle.

3. Using Inappropriate Vehicles

It might come as a surprise, but not every vehicle on the road can tow your vehicle. While another motorist might want to assist you with taking your vehicle out of a ditch or hauling it to the nearest auto repair shop, their automobiles might not meet the towing capacity. Professional towing companies have large fleets to assist clients. The experts will find a suitable tow truck for your vehicle to deliver your vehicle to the desired location.

4. Flat Tows Aren't for Every Vehicle

Unknown to many car owners, not all vehicles are designed for flat tows. Some vehicles ground down their transmissions when flat towed. If you don't know much about towing, you could make this mistake and incur more damage. However, professionals help you choose the right towing method for your vehicle.

These are common mistakes drivers make when they don't involve towing experts. You can avoid these risks and prevent car damage by involving specialists. Consider calling towing truck professionals to help you practice safe towing and protect your vehicle.