Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here
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Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here

When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, it can be a frightening and frustrating experience. If you don't have anyone to call when you need help, it can frustrate you even more. A few months ago, my truck quit on the way to work. Since I work and live in a rural area, finding someone to give me a lift to the city isn't always easy. Luckily, my employer sent a tow truck driver to help me out. The driver towed my car to a shop in town to get it repaired. The driver also offered a few tips on how to stay safe in a rural area. If you need advice or information about towing, read my blog. I show you how to keep cool under tough situations and what to do when you need towing help. Thanks for visiting.


Stuck and Need Towing Help? Find Tips Here

3 Options If You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

Kylie Torres

You're walking back to your car after leaving a store when it suddenly hits you. Your keys are not in your purse or pocket like they usually are. A growing sense of dread washes over you until you finally arrive at your car and confirm the worse: you've locked your keys inside. If you find yourself in this situation, try to remain calm as you go over your options. Here are three possible solutions that could help you get back into your locked vehicle.

1. Can Your Insurance Provider Help?

Do you have roadside assistance coverage either through your insurance provider or a separate organization? If so, it's possible you might be able to just place a phone call or even send a request through an app regarding your situation. Your insurance provider or roadside assistance company will likely help you search for a local company that offers car lockout services and send them your way, footing the bill for you when all is said and done.

2. Contact a Towing Company or Locksmith Yourself

If you don't have an insurance provider or roadside assistance program that can jump in and help you, you'll have to do a bit more legwork. This is why it could be helpful to research a local towing company or an emergency locksmith who can provide car lockout services before you actually need assistance. Regardless, reach out to a local, reputable company and let them know about your predicament. Most car lockout specialists provide round the clock service and will be able to respond quickly. In fact, it might even be faster to just call the company yourself instead of trying to route it through your insurance provider if you think there will be a long wait. 

3. Emergencies Only: Break a Window

In most cases, you should be able to contact a local towing company that can help you with your situation. But if you have an emergency such as a very young child or pet locked inside a hot car, you might want to react right away. Before you actually cause damage to your vehicle though, contact the local towing company and see if you can wait until they arrive. If the situation is so dire that you must simply act immediately, pick a window that is furthest away from your child or pet. Then, use a rock, hammer, or screwdriver to hit a side window. Aim for a corner where the window is weakest and not the center. After you and your vehicle recover, make sure you create a spare key to keep in your wallet or purse so this won't happen again